Klipsch r-30c

Klipsch R-30C Center Channel SpeakerThe Klipsch Reference center channel speakers feature next-generation horn-loaded technology for best-in-class clear dialogue.All New 90 x 90 Tractrix HornAn updated horn design, including increased outer horn dimensions, will deliver more power and emotion to your music and movies. Bigger definitely means better, with directivity control over a larger bandwidth of frequencies, resulting in a more accurate sound stage.Linear Travel Suspension (LTS) Aluminum TweeterA hallmark of Klipsch speakers, the exclusive 1' LTS with Kapton Suspension tweeter minimizes distortion for more detailed performances. Aluminum is an extremely light and rigid material used in the tweeter assembly to provide high efficiency.Spun-Copper Thermoformed Crystalline Polymer WoofersUtilizing trickle-down technology from Klipsch's highly acclaimed Reference Premiere series of speakers, the 3.5' TCP woofers have steeper angling of the cones for a smoother response and improved accuracy and transparency.Hear Every WordCritical for catching every nuance of the dialogue in your favorite movies, music, and games, tapered array crossovers improve dispersion, resulting in better midrange definition. Tapered array crossover technology improves dispersion between the woofers and tweeters, a critical component in being able to clearly hear every word and nuance of your favorite movies, music, and games.Slim, High-Quality MDF Cabinet DesignComplimenting today's flat-screen TVs with an unobtrusive footprint, the next-gen Reference center channel speakers feature hidden fasteners and low-profile magnetic grilles. The reinforced ¾' MDF construction reduces cabinet vibration for improved sonic accuracy.Reference RedefinedCheck out all of the speakers in the newest generation of the legendary Klipsch Reference series speakers and prepare to have your world rocked.

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