Palgrave Macmillan Contemporary Latin American Cinema

Contemporary Latin American Cinema investigates the ways in which neoliberal measures of privatization, de regularization and austerity introduced in during 1990s have impacted film production narratives. The co


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Routledge Undressing Cinema

From Audrey Hepburn in Givenchy, to sharp suited gangsters in Tarantino movies, clothing is central to film. In Undressing Cinema, Stella Bruzzi explores how far from being mere accessories, clothes are key elements in construction of


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Routledge Asian Cinema and the Use of Space

Asian cinemas are connected to global networks and participate in producing international film history while at the same time influenced engaged by spatial, cultural, social political transformations. This interdisciplinary study forwards


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Routledge Cinema and Spectatorship

Cinema and Spectatorship is the first book to focus entirely on history role of spectator in contemporary film studies. While 1970s theory insisted on a distinction betweeen cinematic subject goers, Judith Ma


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Lexington Books The Cinema of Michael Mann

Few other contemporary Hollywood filmmakers fit category of 'genre stylist' as well as Michael Mann, director of such films as Heat, The Insider, Ali, Collateral, Manhunter, Thief, and Miami Vice. Mann's style marks him as a


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Scarecrow Press Historical Dictionary of Holocaust Cinema

Some say that telling the story of Holocaust is impossible, yet, artists have told thousands of time since end of World War II in novels, dramas, paintings, music, sculpture, film. Over past seven decades, hundreds of doc


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Palgrave Macmillan Globalization and Contemporary Chinese Cinema

This pivot considers key transformations within the Chinese film industry since country opened its doors to outside world in late 1970s, and moved from an ideologically centred censorship system to one of contestation cooperation b


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Routledge Transnational Cinema and Ideology

Increasingly, as the production, distribution and audience of films cross national boundaries, scholars have begun to think in terms of 'transnational' rather than cinema. This book is positioned within emerging field of


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Palgrave Macmillan Finnish Cinema

This book presents an expert analysis of the transnational aspects of Finnish cinema throughout its history. As a small cinema, film culture has, even at most nationalistic, always been attached to developments in other pr


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