Routledge Indian Literature and Popular Cinema

This book is about the popular cinema of North India ("Bollywood") and how it recasts literary classics. It addresses questions interface of film literature, such as movies rework themes, offer differ


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Routledge Transnational Asian Identities in Pan Pacific Cinemas

This collection examines the exchange of Asian identities taking place at levels of both film production and reception amongst pan Pacific cinemas. The authors consider, on one hand, texts that exhibit what Mette Hjort refers to as, &


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Palgrave Macmillan The Precarious in the Cinemas of Americas

Historically, cinema in the Americas has been signed by a state of precariousness. Notwithstanding growing accessibility to video digital technologies, to material means of film production is still limited, affecting spheres


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Palgrave Macmillan The Occult in Modernist Art, Literature, and Cinema

Many modernist and avant garde artists authors were fascinated by the occult movements of their day. This volume explores how Occultism came to shape art, literature, film. Individual chapters examine presence role of


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I.B.Tauris Sex and Storytelling in Modern Cinema

With full frontal genitalia, erections, even actual sex featuring increasingly in films, this explicitness in presentation has caused critical consternation and accusations that such narratives are pornographic. This book explores how, rather


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Routledge New Silent Cinema

With the success of Martin Scorsese's Hugo (2011) and Michel Hazanavicius's The Artist nothing seems more contemporary in recent film than styles, forms, histories of early silent cinemas. This collection consi


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Vous vous voyez deja en haut de l'affiche ? C'est votre moment de gloire, personnalisez cette de cinema avec photo preferee, un titre de film et les prenoms des acteurs ! Cadeau famille pour un anniversaire, une naissance ou simplement le plaisir d'offrir. Faites de destinataire star et offrez lui de personnalisee. Parfait un cadeau fete grands meres, ajoutez la petits enfants leurs comme second role ! Une jolie attention qui trouvera


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I.B.Tauris Other Cinemas

The 1970s was an enormously creative period for experimental film. Its innovations and debates have had far reaching long lasting influence, with a resurgence of interest in the decade revealed by new gallery events, screenings social


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Routledge North African Cinema in a Global Context

This book provides insight into contemporary film production from North African countries referred to as the Maghreb. Focus is both on socio economic context of production, which suffers some of same setbacks and obstacles as other re


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Routledge Cinema in Muslim Societies

This book collates a comprehensive range of fascinating essays by leading authors on film from across the Muslim world. Responding to political and theoretical misconceptions about Islam culture, it covers North African, Arab Asian


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