Palgrave Macmillan Finnish Cinema

This book presents an expert analysis of the transnational aspects of Finnish cinema throughout its history. As a small cinema, film culture has, even at most nationalistic, always been attached to developments in other pr


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Intellect Cinema and Landscape

While the consideration of landscape on film has been growing in currency over past four to five years, as yet no single publication attempted to embrace multitude of nationalities, cinematic examples critical approaches that Cinem


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Routledge Spanish National Cinema

This study examines the discourses of nationalism as they intersected or clashed with Spanish film production from its inception to present. While book addresses around filmmakers such as Almodovar and Medem, whose work has


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I.B.Tauris Other Cinemas

The 1970s was an enormously creative period for experimental film. Its innovations and debates have had far reaching long lasting influence, with a resurgence of interest in the decade revealed by new gallery events, screenings social


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Peter Lang AG, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften The Cinema of

The swimming pool frequently appears in film not merely as a setting but as a dynamic site where social, political, cultural and aesthetic forces converge. What is it about this space that has so fascinated filmmakers what kinds of cinematic i


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Palgrave Macmillan Masculinities in Contemporary Argentine Popular Cinema

Examines contemporary cinematic representations of Argentine masculinities, the social construction of gender, and financing of domestic film production following Argentina's 1990 change to a neo liberal economic model.


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I.B.Tauris Sex and Storytelling in Modern Cinema

With full frontal genitalia, erections, even actual sex featuring increasingly in films, this explicitness in presentation has caused critical consternation and accusations that such narratives are pornographic. This book explores how, rather


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Palgrave Macmillan Prostitution and Sex Work in Global Cinema

This volume brings together international scholars to engage in question of how film has represented a figure that for many is simply labelled 'prostitute'. The is one of most enduring female figures. She global historical r


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Banggood Bakeey JDA 2006 Bluetooth Soundbar Subwoofer HD LCD Affichage

Caracteristiques:Haut parleur portable puissant Les deux haut parleurs 2 x 5 W integres produisent un son surround 3D cristallin pour vous offrir une experience de film et de concert maximale. Parfait la maison, le salon, le dortoir, la cuisine, les fetes, activites de plein air.Affichage HD LCD et duree de lecture longue audio utilisent de maniere creative lecran en faire non seulement barre de dexcellente qualite, egalement un reveil.


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Palgrave Macmillan Abel Gance and the End of Silent Cinema

This book explores the creation and destruction of Abel Gance's most ambitious film project, seeks to explain why meteoric career was so nearly extinguished at end of silent cinema. By 1929, France's famous director. Acc


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